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Along with the joys of being a homeowner comes a significant amount of responsibility to maintain the home that you live in over the years. One of the most important elements of your home or commercial building is your roof, so it’s very important to take care of it. Yet, climbing on ladders, working with cleansers, trying to scrub tiles, shingles, or metal roofing can be hazardous and time-consuming. Not too many of us want to spend our precious weekends accomplishing these types of home maintenance projects.

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Roof Cleaning & Washing

Having your roof professionally cleaned is the most efficient way to remove debris and substances that can accumulate over the years. Built-up tree sap, decomposed leaves, mold, dirt, pollen, algae, and stains can not only dull the appearance of your roof, they can damage the construction materials over time, so it is important to have them removed periodically. Pro Wash of Montana can expertly handle any roof cleaning job, big or small, residential or commercial. Our family-owned and operated company will provide quality work coupled with exceptional customer service. We are your trusted roof cleaning contractors in the Missoula, MT area.

Gutter Cleaning Professionals

Gutter cleaning is one of the tasks that goes hand in hand with roof cleaning. Yet, they tend to get overlooked in regular maintenance unless a professional is involved in doing the work. Cleaning your gutters our periodically is so important because if they become blocked, several problems can occur that are costly and time-consuming to repair.

The inevitable water damage caused by blocked gutters and downspouts can be devastating when they go unnoticed. From wet leaves to little critters, your drains can be plugged to the point that structural damage occurs to your gutters and home. At Pro Wash, we have the tools and experience to keep your drains flowing properly so that you can avoid costly repairs and material replacement.

Power Washing for All Roofing Materials

Low-pressure power washing can be appropriate for almost every type of roofing material. Removing harmful substances such as bird droppings from your shingles, tiles, composite, metal, or steel roof can be dangerous if you do not have the right equipment. Not only can you get hurt in the process, but you could also damage your roofing materials by not using the correct tools and water pressure to get the job done to your satisfaction.

At Pro Wash, our technicians are experienced and know how much pressure to apply to specific surfaces. We will never rip shingles or vinyl from your home by using the wrong amount of pressure to accommodate the type of material. We will always provide a super healthy cleanse that significantly improves the value of your home and maintains your investment in key areas such as your roof.

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Mold and Stain Removal Solutions

Mold can leave unsightly stains on your roof if left untreated. Since mold can be a dangerous allergen, it is so important for the health of your family to have it removed from your roof regularly. It can be quick and easy to do if it is done as it needs to be, rather than letting it build up. Stains can also begin to show from water, oil, tree sap, and animal droppings.

One of the best ways to handle mold and stains is by using the right types of cleanser solutions in conjunction with a low pressure, hot water wash. Being able to control the water pressure to get just the right amount of intensity to not hurt the paint or materials on your roof, but gently and quickly get the stains and mold out is the goal. At Pro Wash, we have the right tools, techniques, and experience to do the job right the first time.

Residential Roof Cleaning

The most efficient way to clean your roof is to call a professional. We can make sure the job is done well without any hassle to you. Imagine the risk you take when you climb up on your roof with a ladder that isn’t the right size or sturdiness. We want to ensure that your roof gets cleaned with you safely on the ground. Our pressure washers are of better quality than non-professional ones that you can buy or rent yourself.

Our residential roof cleaning services are top-notch, with thousands of customers served over the years. We bring a level of professionalism and courtesy to our work that shows we really care about your home maintenance. We aim to be able to help you to get more years out of your roof without needing to repair or replace it. At Pro Wash, we believe that the work we do is important to the health and safety of your family in your home.

Commercial and Industrial Roof Washing

No matter what type of commercial building you may have, no matter how tall or large, we have the perfect equipment and skills to handle the job. Our teams are highly trained and capable to overcome obstacles such as intense angles, multiple levels of roof heights, and all types of materials. We’ve always been able to overcome those obstacles by using our good training and know-how.

Being licensed and insured means that if any damage occurs, we are equipped to handle it. You can rely on our abilities and our dedication to excellence in everything we do. Pro Wash can tackle any roof for your commercial business or retail space.

Why Choose Pro Wash of Montana?

At Pro Wash, we have the years of experience, knowledge of all things roofing, and the professional attitude to give you the best roof cleaning that you need. We always go above and beyond to make your experience with us 5-star every time. We can handle every kind of roof cleaning job from small to large, commercial or residential. Our services are affordable and superior to other companies. Let us show you how beautiful your roof can be when you choose Pro Wash to clean it!

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